Luke Sandler: LGBT Business Leader in NYC

Luke Sandler NYC Entrepreneur

Luke Sandler New York consultant is well known for his work in the NYC tech and entrepreneurial scene as well as within the LGBT community. He has an MBA from Columbia Business School and received his MA from Oxford University. He spent eight years in Hollywood as a digital media agent where he excelled in media consulting before he spent three years at McKinsey & Company as the lead market adviser.

Luke’s ambitions also led him to transform projects for telecom and media clients as well as consumer finance. He’s an expert at operational and growth strategies for beginning venture capital businesses and has boosted the NYC Startup ecosystem. He has represented top-rated television networks as well as advertising strategies for publishers and consulting for digital video projects.

Luke Sandler is an adviser and investor and his services include, but are not limited to:

Venture Capital

His expertise in venture capital provides financing to small businesses and startup companies that have the potential for long-term growth. Venture capital usually comes from financial institutions or investment banks; however, it doesn’t always come in a monetary form. Luke can also assist businesses in the form of managerial or technical expertise as well as being an investor.

The biggest benefit for new ventures or companies that have under two years of operating history is to partner with someone like Luke who can raise venture capital, especially for businesses that lack access to bank loans, capital markets or other debt instruments.


Luke Sandler is also affiliated with VentureOut, which is located in New York City. It bridges the gap between the best tech companies and the best tech communities in the world. They provide consulting and support for the biggest names in the tech industry. Their work reaches around the globe and has helped numerous startups in New York City.

luke sandler new york

They also provide CEOs with connections, opportunities, and knowledge to scale their business in ways they never imagined. Luke’s connections can help your business with raising capital with elite NYC investors, grow sales traction, and leave an NYC footprint.

Media & Entertainment

Luke Sandler has extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry. He can assist companies in this sector by finding content creation, distribution, aggregation, and expand their current fundamental ecosystem. As new technology keeps evolving and disrupts current business models, Luke is already up-to-speed and ready to help executives navigate the ever-changing media landscape.

His research insights can also help business managers see their options from a different angle and more clearly. Under the umbrella of new trends and technologies, his advice can help managers frame smart questions and simplify complex business questions to compete and win. His analogy has a proven track record that works today and in the future. Luke’s advice also helps top executives solve tough challenges and capture opportunities while keeping them ahead of the evolving technology in the M&E industry.


Luke Sandler has strong ties to Startout is very proactive with his work within the LGBT community. Startout, which is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping business leaders in this community to start new businesses or grow their business. They utilize LGBT entrepreneurs as mentors and role models to influence the entire LGBT community.