The Generosity Of The Rancho Motor Company

The Generosity Of The Rancho Motor Company Provided Hurricane Relief Efforts By The Red Cross With $2,550

To help aid in relief efforts to the Houston area so badly devastated by the storms, the Rancho Motors Company has made an incredibly generous donation. They donated to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief in the amount of $2,550. A fundraising initiative was launched by the dealership during the Labor Day weekend. For every vehicle they sold, an additional $50 was donated to the efforts made for hurricane relief.

Although a fixed amount was already pledged to the current relief efforts, the Rancho Motors Company felt it was important to bring more people into the cause. According to Amy Bergman, one of the executive assistants serving the dealership, the idea to donate $50 every time they sold a vehicle was the dealerships way of drawing a lot of publicity to the hurricane relief efforts. She stated the company saw their actions as a way for their community to provide help for the deeply damaged community in Texas.

Links for the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts have been posted on the Rancho Motor Company’s website, and their Facebook page. The company hopes this will gather more donations, and support for Texas. The official $2,550 check was given to Yvette Baysinger of the American Red Cross on Thursday at the dealership. As the President of the Rancho Motor Company, John Wilkins personally handed her the check.

The Rancho Motor brand is known to have made donations to many charities, including sponsoring the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation. The foundation is named after Roy Rogers, and Dale Evans due to the children’s charities they devoted themselves too, including this one. The foundation provides critical help for children who have been neglected, or abused. The Child Abuse Taskforce for Victor Valley began in 1982. Their goal was to stop the rise of child abuse, death, abandonment, and neglect occurring in San Bernardino County, California.