The History of Foundation Name

The name of the foundation was changed when Roy Rogers, and Dale Evans began participating. A center to take care of boys who have suffered severe abuse was established. The center can house 44 boys, their ages between ten, and sixteen. These boys have been removed from their homes by Child Protective Services due to the severity of the abuse. They are sent to the center for therapy, and intensive programs for treatment. Over 850 children have been cared for since the home opened its doors in 1997.

Rancho Motors has been generous. The Rancho Motor Company helped with the problem of child abuse. The news, and newspaper always contain stories about children who have been abused, kidnapped, beaten, and molested. Many of these children have died, and the problem is getting worse. Many more organizations like the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation are necessary to combat the horrors of child abuse. Many children who were abused grow up to abuse their own children. The center is trying to break this pattern. They want every single child to grow up in an environment filled with caring, and love. The Ranch Motors Company agrees with them, and this is why they have become one of their sponsors.