luke sandler startup

Luke Sandler has been known to create educational events where LGBT entrepreneurs can increase their knowledge and skills. His attitude toward helping people develop business has also increased the number of entrepreneurs in the LGBT community. He believes in building a community that allows LGBT business leaders to help each other.

His efforts are further expanded into fighting against discrimination by increasing the visibility of LGBT entrepreneurs in social media platforms. His experience and dedication to eliminating discrimination in the LGBT community can be seen in his efforts to connect new members with established mentors who help them fund, build, and expand their business.

NYC Startup Ecosystem

Luke Sandler’s work in New York City is paramount with cutting-edge and traditional media outlets that span the entire NYC startup ecosystem. New York, being his base as a leading startup adviser has helped new startups develop both a strong and productive workforce. New York is known for being home of the largest software companies and internet giants in the world as well as top investors like Luke Sandler.

Luke understands that NYC tech mirrors the competitive strain and breakneck pace of the entire city; therefore, he relates to the majority of individuals who work and live in this ecosystem. He is also very generous with his time, especially for those who eagerly seeking support and advise.